mama bear

hello!!!!!! i left this account over a year ago. that’s weird. i logged onto this account to see what sideblog urls i have and jeez i was a sad person a year ago. i don’t know if anyone still follows me here who is active and doesn’t follow me on my new(est) account but i’m over at petuniabear. i started college and stuff and life is pretty darn okay. this is kind of pointless. hope you’re all doing alrighty

i lost another one between clicking new post and posting it LMAO

i lost more followers from posting today than i did from not posting for over a month

life updates

  • lost 30 pounds
  • made friends w/ the local gays
  • went on a date i guess???
  • what else have i done
  • i started watching ahs
  • also read lots of shoujos
  • is this seriously all i have to say for a month of not posting
  • oh im taking a life drawing class
  • uhhhhhhhhh
  • hm
  • thats it i guess
  • ok

dear liz watch this

mawiles replied to your post: hey how yall doin

p good! been wondering about you. how are you?

im good!!!! i havent been active online much but everythings been good uwu

before i was making a point of checking this blog weekly just in case anyone was trying to contact me but i forgot my password so its been like a month

hey how yall doin

hey im a girl that goes by kuma too!!!! can i high five you